Education Service



The main goal of the Education Service of the ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Art Center is to establish closer ties with the community through the development of a wide range of activities that further the artistic knowledge and experimentation/practice of different audiences, both general and specialized, taking into account their specificities and needs.

The Education Service aims to awaken creativity and raise awareness of contemporary art by reflecting, stimulating the senses, sharing memories and experiences, and developing a critical awareness of artistic practice from a transdisciplinary perspective. Furthermore, it is essential for this service to deconstruct the different contemporary artistic practices allowing the audience(s) to learn through the creative process. The Education Service will develop activities on diversified themes, favouring the creation and consolidation of a network of partnerships with other institutions from various areas.

The activities will focus not only on guided visits to the building and temporary exhibitions but also on workshops closely tied to the Centre’s calendar of events, using whenever possible the other resources of the ARQUIPÉLAGO, such as artist-in-residence programs in the most diverse areas of creation and conversations with artists. The training of the audience through seminars and open courses will be another dissemination and learning resource, encouraging the will to know and understand Art(s) as a result of a person’s concerns, of their social and cultural milieu and of the evolution of knowledge.

As place and territory, the archipelago is one of the key points to be explored by this service; the landscape can be felt or experienced from a perspective that is free of prejudice but that also appeals to the environment, to planet Earth and to biodiversity. Enjoy the place, think about the place and be in the place, looking, playing, resting, having fun and touching the place.