Since it opened, the Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center has implemented a strategy that values proximity and promotes training and research through activities that involve the various contemporary artistic fields.

This policy has led to the establishment of ties with several schools, not only from the local community but also from national and international ones, and it plays a major role in the dissemination of culture and contemporary art. In addition, through these close ties with schools, the Arquipélago promotes the loyalty of different audiences.

The Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center has created specific moments taking into consideration the characteristics, needs and desires of those who visit the centre.


Getting involved with the community is one of the priorities of the Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center. This cultural and artistic facility allows the general public to participate and play an active role in the cultural project.

To become a volunteer at the Contemporary Art Center, you should send an email to [email protected]. You are only required to be available, motivated, confident, versatile and interested in cultural and artistic projects. Volunteers should choose the area that they identify with and that they are interested in according to their skills.

Volunteering at the Arquipélago allows you, on the one hand, to be in contact with various artistic fields and, on the other hand, to have a direct and close connection with the Centre’s calendar of cultural events, besides being able to meet artists and follow the creation and production of national and international contemporary art. It is crucial for the Arquipélago to get the local community involved and connected.


We invite families to be part of experiences connected with culture and contemporary art, to enjoy moments of total leisure and to share some artistic practices.

These moments offer visitors the chance to discover new cultural languages that mix art work and pleasure, with the Arquipélago promoting closer family ties with contemporary arts.