Mediation Service

Mediation Service

The mission of the Mediation Service is to conceive, plan and promote strategies and activities that bring the general public and the Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre programme closer together.

Activities under this programme seek to take into account the full diversity of the people who visit us, be this in terms of their age or specific needs. We do not assume that our audiences are in some way connected to the cultural and artistic sector, but rather that they come from various backgrounds, with various interests and different ways of seeing the world.

Conversations, guided tours, workshops, lectures, seminars, meetings and Informances* are some examples of activities proposed by the Mediation Service, always bearing in mind the mission and objectives of the Centre’s programme, and encouraging moments of dialogue, exchange and the production of knowledge.

At its most basic, this Service is an invitation for us to think, explore, question and create together with a basis in art, which is not only a reflection of the world in which we live, but also a vision of what that world can become.



*Informances are sessions in which we offer opportunities to “think through doing”. At certain moments during concerts and exhibitions, artists, curators and mediators take the public behind the scenes during the making of artworks, the set-up of exhibitions or the rehearsal of performances in order to discuss these processes and their purpose.