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The Educational Service set up the workshop “Installation – from the collection” that will take place on every saturday of the month of March.

March 7th and 14th oficina destinada ao público dos 6 aos 12 anos;

– March 21st  oficina destinada ao público dos 2 aos 6 anos;

– March 28th  visita-guiada destinada a jovens e adultos.


4 works of the ARQUIPÉLAGO Collection were selected for this activity:

Artist: Lawrence Lemaoana | Work: Série de seis peças (sem título), cada pano tem título individual, 2008

Artist: Nuno Sousa Vieira | Work: Pro-spe-rus, 2006

Artist: Carolina Rocha | Work: Capelo #2

Artist: Pedro Barateiro | Work: Work Table/Game Table n.º 4, 2010


Throughout the month of March we will present you these works, as well as the history of Installation. There will be presented several ways of conceiving an installation and different materials that we can use. On the first couple of Saturdays we will highlight the public with an age range between 6 and 12, challenging them for the construction of an individual installation and think of an installation collectively. On the third Saturday, on the 21st of March, with an audience comprehending the ages of 2 to 6 years old, we will explore one of the main concepts of Installation – space occupation through several objects. On the last session, on the 28th of March, it will be a tour targeting the young and adults.




3 pm – 5 pm

Target audience | from 6 to 12

On the first session we will approach a little bit of the history of installation throughout the years and aftwerwards incite to the idea of installation, but in an individual way.


2nd SESSION | MARCH 14th

3 pm – 5 pm

Target audience | from 6 to 12

On the second session of the workshop Installation – from the collection, we propose to develop a collective installation, based on the concepts developed on the previous session.


3rd SESSION | MARCH 21st

3 pm

Target audience | from 2 to 6

The third session is thought for a younger age group, from 2 to 6. The participants will have the opportunity, and along with the parents, to figure out the materials associated to each of the works presented in the Workshop | Exhibition: Installation – from the Collection. Afterwards, we will challenge each participant to build their installation.



10 am

Target audience | Young and adults

The fourth session was meant for the young and aduts. The participants will have the chance to do a guided tour to the Workshop | Exhibition: Installation – from the Collection. After the tour, we will jointly discuss the exhibited works and the theme in question.

We recommend the use of comfortable clothes.

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