• Encourage artistic creation based on the place/territory (the Azores), the experiences, the local culture, the space and time
  • Encourage the design and creation of artistic projects based on the environment and landscape
  • Boost creative projects that establish interconnections between the island(s) and the Azores Archipelago as an axis in the middle of the Atlantic
  • Cement a calendar of events that encompasses all areas of the Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center (visual arts, architecture, performing arts, cinema, design, multimedia, music, literature and fashion) to strengthen national and international creation
  • Turn the Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center into an international reference for art creation
  • Establish contacts with national and international artist-in-residence programs to become a member of artist-in-residence networks
  • Promote the relationship of national and international artists with the territory (the Azores Archipelago), turning the Contemporary Art Center into a place that encourages art creation and production
  • Create multidisciplinary artistic projects with the involvement of the community
  • Establish ties between national and international creators to increase the artistic assets of the ARQUIPÉLAGO
  • As a sustained and continued strategy, the artist-in-residence programs provide close proximity with creative processes whose impact transcends the more reserved workspaces, inspiring and encouraging other activities through the momentum they generate
  • Stimulate and strengthen training through a direct relationship of the local community with creative methodologies and processes

Spaces for Residencies

The residencies can take place in Building C designed for any type of artistic creation (visual arts, architecture, performing arts, cinema, design, multimedia, music, literature and fashion) or in the Blackbox but only for specifically targeted projects.



A pre-existing structure, it is connected to the Exhibition Building and takes advantage of its large size and high ceilings to implement the current concept of experimental space for artistic creation. This space meets the needs and demands of artist-in-residence programs, since it features spatial, functional and technical conditions that allow artists/creators (in their multiple facets) to take over the building as they see fit.

The area reserved for artist-in-residence programs emerges as a multipurpose space and as an entry chamber for the Art Center, where the occupation of space with residencies aims to encourage and stimulate the exchange of experiences and knowledge between artists and the local community, boosting social development besides highlighting or establishing ties between local arts and culture. This space answers one of the key questions about the strategy this cultural facility – training, as it allows the audience to interact with the creative process and to foresee the activities that it can provide to the centre.

Artist-in-residence programs are part of the calendar of cultural events prepared by the ARQUIPÉLAGO complementing other projects and activities developed at the Center, such as temporary exhibitions and educational activities that can take place in building C, which was designed for any type of art project. At the Blackbox or at the Education Service, all creative projects have to be analysed.



The space solely designed for artist-in-residence programs has the following specifications:

  • Total area: 390.98 m2 (C.0.03 space: 178.46 m2 / C.O.O2 space: 152.52 m2)
  • Sizes – C.0.03 space: 19.28 m x 9.37 m / C.O.O2 space: 12.19 m x 10.44 m
  • Ceiling height: 6.74 m (up to the crossbeam) or 9.51 m (up to the highest point of the sloped roof)
  • The floor features cable conduits with 3 technical boxes, each including 3 sockets and 2 network jacks.
  • There is a total of 7 sockets along the wall, with 2 located above a counter with a stainless steel top, a sink and a water tap.
  • Technical questions regarding the space and electrical equipment shall always be discussed with the production team and with the person in charge of the building and equipment.



Room for specific artistic and cultural projects.

The Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center operates the Blackbox through the production team, the Audiovisual and Multimedia team and the person in charge of the building and equipment in partnership with the technical team of the Micaelense Theatre.

The performance hall is located in a central area in relation to the foyer and the entrance of artists and technicians, with two collective dressing rooms (capacity for 8 artists each) available on levels 1 and 2, along with two spaces for artists to use, one of which with a terrace where they can socialize and unwind before and after their performances.

The Blackbox’s layout blurs the line between spectator/observer and artist, placing them in the same space, questioning the classic stage/audience boundary. On the other hand, its architectural shape opened to the central courtyard emphasizes its mission as virtually a multipurpose structure, moving it closer to a living space than to a space for ‘fiction’ (typical feature of a theatrical space). This facility aims to lessen the boundaries between artistic creation and collective everyday life with the flexibility of its configuration meeting the demand for versatility that, for example, is required by performance arts today and that is capable of producing different spaces according to functional requests.

The morphology of this structure consists of a rectangular layout including two levels inside, corresponding to a metal walkway and a fly system. The location of the stage is not predefined and there is great flexibility in terms of seating arrangements. We expect to use chairs mounted on manually mobile platforms that allow various combinations and different ways of organizing the space. This modular space can be adapted to each performance by combining and adding mobile equipment located on the floor and ceiling that is easily assembled and disassembled.



  • Area – 263 m2
  • Measurements – 18.32 m x 13.98 m
  • Height of technical ceiling – 4.35 m (with the floor at the same level of the entrance), 5.35 m (with the floor down to its lowest level)



  • 36 floor divisions measuring 2×2 m that can be elevated at 20-cm increments up to a 100-cm height
  • 9 floor divisions measuring 2×4 m that can be elevated at 20-cm increments up to a 100-cm height
  • 68 mobile platforms measuring 2×1 cm that can be elevated at 20-cm increments up to a 100-cm height
  • 45 counterweight-lift lines that cover the entire area (263 m2), hoisting equipment that will shape different thematic scenarios (dimmer rack for placing projectors, screens, cyclorama, stage curtain, sets, etc.)

Terms and Conditions


  1. Make the space available for assembly and rehearsals.
  2. Provide the dressing rooms that artists deem necessary, taking into consideration their availability.
  3. Provide the technical support necessary for artist-in-residence programs.
  4. Ensure that all licenses and permits necessary for the public display of artist-in-residence programs are obtained.
  5. Respect the promotional and information material provided by artists/participants.
  6. Inform artists/participants in a timely fashion about any press conference or interview and about the conditions under which they will be held.
  7. Depending on the artist-in-residence program, we may:
    1. Provide plane tickets (from Lisbon and Porto)
    2. Provide the transfers Airport-Accommodation, Accommodation-Arquipélago and return transfers (all transfers outside of these routes will be the participants’ responsibility)
    3. Provide meals to participants during working hours
    4. Provide accommodation for artists/participants.
  8. We reserve the right to film and photograph artist-in-residence programs for our archive, and we can also include these recordings on the website, Facebook page or other dissemination platforms of the Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre.



  1. Agrees to be part of an artist-in-residence program at the Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre.
  2. Shall know and accept the technical specifications of the venue selected for the artist-in-residence program.
  3. Shall know and accept the hospitality conditions.
  4. Shall provide the necessary elements for the promotion of the artist-in-residence program.
  5. In case a final show or presentation is included, shall provide in advance the information concerning copyright holders for the purpose of paying royalties.
  6. Ensures his/her readiness for any press conferences or interviews.
  7. Ensures his/her readiness for photo sessions.




  1. Allow employees and technicians from the Centre permanent access to all the spaces of the artist-in-residence programs.
  2. Allow access within the scope of public visits that may be determined by the Centre.
  3. During the program, develop work that is adequate to the space, respecting the integrity of the buildings and ensuring that, once the program finishes, they will be left in the same state they were originally.
  4. Ensure the cleaning and maintenance of workshop equipment and tools, being liable for any damage.
  5. Keep spaces clean and tidy.
  6. Report any defect detected during the program to the production or to the person in charge of the building and equipment of the Arquipélago.
  7. When entering and exiting the Centre, always pass by the reception to identify themselves before the security guard so they can circulate unrestrictedly throughout the space.
  8. Pick up and return the access keys at the Centre’s reception at the beginning and at the end of the day during the program.

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