70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights


Dec 3rd 2019 - Fev 9th 2020

The ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Arts Center will host a cartoons’ exhibition concerning Human Rights from December 3rd of 2019 and February 9th of 2020.

The exhibition organized by the National Museum of Press (MNI) and promoted by CRESAÇOR brings together about 50 works of artists from 43 countries and provides an opportunity to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN in December 10th of 1948, in Paris.

The remembrance began at the MNI’s headquarters in December of last year with drawings of PortoCartoon’s many editions, and it spread through several countries, from Portugal to Mexico. Within this context, a “Humor Route for Human Rights” was created as a way of underlining the importance of the cartoon as a language that contributes for the reflection upon the main issues of humankind.

Outstanding cartoonists, internationally awarded within exhibitions, are represented in this display that will be featured in the ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Arts Center until February 9th of 2020.

This international display, under the curatorship of the director of the National Museum of Press, Luiz Humberto Marcos, has the institutional support of UNESCO National Commission.

Within the scope of Human Rights’ week, there will take place in the ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Arts Center, a Round Table – “The Power of Message” – on the basis that the message’s content in its many forms will constitute the key element for the promotion and defense of Human Rights.

“The round table is meant to be a space for reflection upon the power of communicating, across all social spheres, but it gains even more significance when it’s done by powerful agents. It challenges you to think over the professional’s dilemma in remaining loyal to facts while telling human stories, exploring the oblivious prejudice’s impact on the content and creative production. Furthermore, at the same time, it challenges you to deconstruct the hate speech and also get familiar with cases of how oblivious prejudice can affect decision-making.”

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