Alicia Pardilla
El principio de la incertidumbre


Nov 30th 2019 - Jan 26th 2020

Alicia Pardilla El principio de la incertidumbre

Nov 30th 2019 to Jan 26th 2020

Artistic Residences


The ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Arts Center, partnering with the La Regenta Arts Center, will host the Artistic Residence’s new project of the artist Alicia Pardilla.


Learning, working and living between Tenerife, Barcelona and Malaga, Alicia Pardilla was always connected to an artistic practice in different contexts. In her research, she sees art as tool for the expansion of knowledge and as a vehicle for questioning, communicating and transforming reality. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (2006), specialized in Painting and Image. She holds a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Artistic Production granted by the University of Malaga, with Honors (2018).

Currently, in addition to the development of her personal artistic projects, she researches and develops projects that combine critical artistic education, socio-community mediation in depressed communities and artistic practice. Alicia gives Art lessons in her studio ( and is developing a doctoral thesis on artistic production processes based on relational practices.



In 1854, Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden: “All change is a miracle to contemplate; but it is a miracle which is taking place every instant.” This statement by Thoreau, in which he invites us to stop and observe what is happening within and around us, reveals how our life is always in a continuous state of transformation. Often, we see ourselves going through transition processes that take us towards a new, unknown place of which we have no previous reference and often even do not know where we are moving towards. In these new situations, as things change,  uncertainty emerges as a space where we can walk about, roam and ramble.

El principio de la incertidumbre is an attempt to materialise this state using objects and situations that are proposed to the viewer. Here, uncertainty is a place for reflection, for the acquisition of knowledge and for creation. A space where the viewer can create their own interpretation or solution from the creative experience they have been invited to be a participant in.

In this sense, the viewer walks about the exhibition, its artistic and aesthetic practice, while they transform the physical space of the room with their actions and interventions, transforming the other and resignifying the individual landscape of each person. The spectator will journey through the territory of the intimate as they experience going to.

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