Arquivo Atlântico


17 fev. - 1 mar. 2022

“Arquivo Atlântico”

Installation art

17th February – 2nd March 2022


Arquivo Atlântico is a research and artistic creation project that proposes to think about coloniality through the elaboration of an archive – a set of gestures, images and reports that have the potential to inform and problematize the present. The project is born from the desire to look at the history of the various territories bathed by the Atlantic Ocean in order to understand the forms of occupation, extraction, hierarchy, exclusion and extermination that mark, even today, the experience of these territories and the colonial legacy present in the relations between the North and the  Global South. For us, the archive is not just evidence of a past, but generative material. Working with a wide range of sources – films, official documents, literature, sound recordings, oral narratives – we have been exploring how different creative and compositional practices can rescue the affective capacity of these materials and allow us to deconstruct narratives and visualities that characterize an imaginary of colonial matrix.

The project has been developed in different formats, including a podcast series that brings together narrative exercises and conversations, film screenings and, more recently, through a choreographic approach and its relationship with the different materials, experimenting and questioning their performative dimension.

The residency in the archipelago will focus, on the one hand, on the collection of materials and on the observation of the relations between the Azores and other territories that integrated the Portuguese colonial project, and on the other hand, on the experimentation and composition of an installation object, which will be open to the public. public from 02/17 to 02/26 (confirm dates).

Arquivo Atlântico is a project by Beatriz Cantinho and Túlio Rosa, in collaboration with Nuno Torres. The project is funded by Fundação GDA (PT) and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, and has the support of Espaço do Tempo, Arquipélago Centro de Artes Contemporâneas (Azores), Centro Cultural do Mindelo (Cape Verde), and the collaboration of Hosek Contemporary (DE ) and Miscellaneous Materials (PT).



Beatriz Cantinho is an Independent choreographer and researcher at the CHAIA and CIAC laboratories. PhD in Dance/Philosophy – University of Edinburgh. Her work focuses on a critical analysis of movement within an aesthetic/political dimension, perceived as an expanded choreographic practice.

Tulio Rosa is a choreographer and independent researcher currently enrolled in the artistic research program of a.pass {advanced performance and scenography studies} in Brussels. Master degree in Performing Arts and Visual Culture Universidad Castilla-La Mancha/ Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid, 2016). His work has been focused on a set of questions regarding the relationship between body and image in contemporary times, and their status in relation to our political imagination.

Nuno Torres develops a continuous research in the fields of sound and improvised and experimental music, exploring the sound material around the alto saxophone using extended techniques. The radio has been a regular presence in its activity, with strongly experimental practices  and of community nature.


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