Happy Tears
works from the Arquipélago


8 dez 2021 - 17 abr 2022


Happy Tears – works from the Arquipélago Collection

8 dec 2021 – 17 apr 2022

Artists| Amalia Pica, Ana Vieira, Barrão, Catarina Botelho, Catarina Branco, Christian Holstad, Grafeno, Joachim Schmid, João Ferreira, João Pedro Vale, Rubén Monfort, Rui Moreira, Sofia de Medeiros

A project by Beatriz Brum, Diogo Aguiar, João Mourão and Sofia Carolina Botelho


Happy tears

– works from the Arquipélago collection

 Contemporary art collections, as is the case with the Arquipélago collection, strive to be visions of the world. The subjectivity inherent in artistic work allows for a constant exercise in looking at the collection from very diverse perspectives and producing, with the works, narratives that expand their potential. It is in the relationship between the works of a collection that we can create units of meaning, open to the world and to the interpretation of those who come into contact with them.

We look at this collection thinking about the present, but also attempting to anticipate the future.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented period in our collective history. The pandemic has made it impossible for us to be together and has taken away, in the name of public health, opportunities for sharing, celebrating, meeting, socialising and sociability.

The pieces brought together now in this exhibition speak to us of those happy times and of the possibility of recovering them. From memories of traditions, music and dance to popular festivals, pilgrimages, shared meals and discos.

We want to celebrate again! We want to cry with joy! We want those happy tears to roll down our faces!

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