CoM Tradição – João Pereira


15 nov 2020 - 3 jan 2021

CoM Tradição – João Pereira

14 nov 2020 – 3 jan 2021

1st floor – Store

The CoMtradição Award is given by the Vice-Presidency of the Government of the Azores, through the Regional Center for Handicrafts.

It emerges as a way to distinguish and promote the exemplary performance of entities or artisans, who are distinguished by their dedication to work in the área of handicrafts, thus raising the expressions of regional culture. Therefore, it aims to consecrate artisans or entities, with a consolidated and historically relevant career, whose work has contributed and continues to contribute to affirm the identity of the Arts and Crafts of the Azores.

The Award, in its second edition, recognizes and honors João Pereira.

João Pereira not only contributed, over several decades, to the boost of the economy of the Island of Terceira, employing dozens of embroiderers, but he also preserved the tradition of white embroidery on that island.

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