UNVEIL: an exhibition of the ARQUIPÉLAGO Collection


21 jun – 6 set 2020


UNVEIL: an exhibition of the ARQUIPÉLAGO Collection

Jun 21 – Sep 6, 2020


Diogo Aguiar

UNVEIL: an exhibition of the ARQUIPÉLAGO Collection

Since the opening of the ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Arts Center in 2015, one of the greatest assets of the project is to host and work on a collection of heterogeneous art that describes the artistic evolution of the twenty-first century, in tune with the artistic production in the different areas that the space presents to the linguistic mutations of contemporary art.

This Collection, which has been formed since 2008, plays a key role in one of ARQUIPÉLAGO’s main missions: to be a pole for transatlantic cultural exchange. In the same way that the geographic location of the Azorean archipelago encourages this Arts Center to develop a crossover programming at a regional, national and international level, the ARQUIPÉLAGO Collection has aggregated crossover traces over the years, uniting artistic, linguistic, social, political and territorial aspects, compiling diverse works by artists of different nationalities.

The exhibition, that is now being presented, gathers a new selection of works from the ARQUIPÉLAGO Collection that, for the first time, will be unveiled to the public.  The circuit created, which incorporates informative fragments of the works, encourages a dialogue between works by artists from South America, such as Barrão and Amália Pica, from South Africa, such as Nicholas Hlobo, from mainland Portugal, such as João Pedro Vale, Miguel Pacheco and Noémia Cruz, as well as artists from different islands of the Azorean archipelago, namely Vera Bettencourt, from Ilha Graciosa, Rui Melo and Sandra Rocha, from Terceira Island, André Laranjinha, Maria José Cavaco, Sofia de Medeiros and Joe Lima, from São Miguel Island.


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