Idaira del Castillo

Artist exchange protocol Arquipélago - Contemporary Art Center / La Regenta Art Center

1 dec 2018 to 3 feb 2019




1 dec 2018 to 3 feb 2019

1st Floor ARQUIPÉLAGO Shop

Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center opens on Saturday, December 1, at 3:30 pm, the individual exhibition of the artist Idaira del Castillo: “Azores. São Miguel.”.

The exhibition is the final result of the Artistic Residency that Idaira del Castillo has held since October 22, at this Art Center, where she presents her work that goes through photography, video and drawing.

The Residency takes place under the cultural protocol signed between the Regional Secretariat for Education and Culture / Regional Directorate of Culture, through the ARQUIPÉLAGO – Center for Contemporary Arts, and the La Regenta Art Center, located in Las Palmas in the Canaries. view of the exchange of artists from these two archipelagos.

Idaira del Castillo writes that “From this experience, I have been assimilating concepts and collecting information, through my five senses, discovering – day by day – geographic and cultural singularities of this adoptive island. I have been processing the information and comparing it with my place of origin, finding common points and distant points, studying how, under similar circumstances, different paths can be chosen, and how there are common points that arise from the intuition of the islanders.

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