Luís Senra | Concert

Performative Cycle "Sonic Geometry"

26th Jan | 7pm


Curated by the programmers of TREMOR


Luís Senra

26 Jan 2019

7 pm


Free entrance | limited lotation

Luís Senra appears here opening new areas of expression. Raw, hard and straightforward. Uncomfortable but authentic, it is a deep, almost organic nature, reaching the climax and quasi-hypnosis of minimalism and experimentalism. Here we fall into a total freedom of interaction, but that is like poetry without rhyme. There is no comfort zone, no safe harbor, no safety net. It is following the sound, and letting it show the way.


Biographical note

Luís Senra is a saxophonist and free improviser from Micaelense, a native of Rabo de Peixe, whose aim is to explore and develop performances, solo or in partnerships, where the main focus is creative freedom, as a means of musical exploration and direct connection with the public.

In his career with musician stand out projects such as “Entre Grutas e Algares”, solo improvisation performance that led the art of improvisation to visitable lava cavities of the Azores, or the climb to the highest point of Portugal for solo improvisation , with the name of “Silêncio da Montanha” (Mountain Silence), integrating the poster of the Mountain Peak Festival 2017. Also noteworthy are the presences in the programming of festivals such as MIA – Encounter of Improvised Music of Atouguia da Baleia, Serralves em Festa, maior event of contemporary culture in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe, or Improv Acción, micro free improvisation festival in the city of Llíria in Spain.

He recently joined the BRUMA Project, an Atlantic confluence project that links music to jazz sounds, experimentation novelty and the creative flow of improvisation, to the debut album launch tour, and was invited, together with FLiP, to Cowboy Microwave Music from the new-world crooner of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Elliot Sheddy, which took place at the Archipelago – Center for Contemporary Arts.

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