Nov 15th 2019 // 9.30 pm


Nov 15th 2019

9.30 pm


Ticket | 5 euros

Almost after two years, Luís Severo returns to the ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Arts Centre to present his third originals’ album “O Sol Voltou”. The singer was in the Artistic Residence of this Arts Centre in January of 2018 where he also gave a concert in the blackbox.


After the remarkable premiere in 2015 with the independent ‘Cara d’Anjo’, Luís Severo joined Cuca Monga, label with whom he launched, with Sony Music’s hand, his second album, the homonymous ‘Luís Severo’, that got him front row seats on the annual press lists and on the most emblematic stages and festivals of the country.
With only two edited albums, he was already one of the consensual names of song writing of his generation, but that is not why he stops surprising. From the shocking concordant between acoustic and electronics, the conciliatory feud lyric and all imagetic contrasts, Luís Severo steps away from what has been done itself and, without ever losing his essence, gets here with his third album, ‘O Sol Voltou’:

“‘O Sol Voltou’ will be, perhaps, my most personal and confessional album. On this album I decided to break with some auto-distance from the embellished aesthetics and from some pop structure. It was composed and produced in total solitude, having also decided to play all instruments. During recordings I have counted with the precious company of Diogo Rodrigues and Rodrigo Castaño, who in the studio regie were talking in my ears and waiting patiently for me to do the almost perfect take. This was also the album in which I’ve adventured myself with more confidence in the mix and mastering, always counting with the precious collaboration of the already familiar Eduardo Vinhas. Lyrically, ‘O Sol Voltou’ is more love and less passion, more family and less crowd, more life but also more death.”, Luís Severo

Image | ©João Sarnadas

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