Christmas Presents
Continuity workshop

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18 to 20 Dec, 2019 Inscrever-me

Continuity workshop | Christmas Presents
18 to 20 December, 2019
10 am to 5 pm

Target audience | 6-12 years old
General Ticket | 9 euros (snack included)
Recommendations | Use of practical clothing
Bookings | website, e-mail: [email protected] and tel.: 296 470 133

Come find out the Christmas magic in ARQUIPÉLAGO!
At the Christmas Presents’ Workshop we will develop many activities about the sea, the weather state and the numerous ways of communicating, on the basis of the few works of the Meteorological Station’s exhibition and the Christmas season.
As we approach a lot of fun 4 days, where you will be able to make creative Christmas presents, through visual arts workshops.
Share this Christmas season with us.



Dec 18th (Wednesday)
Morning | Tour to ARQUIPÉLAGO and to the exhibition ”Meteorological Station”.

| Weather state registration – in this morning we challenge the participants to observe and to detect in the “Meteorological Station” exhibition what phenomena in which the artists inspired her selves to create their works, following up some of the meteorological elements which are visible and possible to feel outside ARQUIPÉLAGO.
Afternoon | O Pato Patareco by Daniel Adalberto – through the color and illustrative drawing process, this traditional story, adapted by António Torrado, it’s told.
| Christmas Caligrams – through words of a poem or a story, drawings and fun pictograms are created.

| Christmas post-cards – through the artist Sandra Rocha’s work, Terra a barlavento, 2018 the participants will be challenged into creating their own way of communicating through images created by each one, in their Christmas post-card.



Dec 19th (Thursday)
Morning | Get to know the sea that surrounds us – on the basis of the Pinturas monstruosas da baleia’s work, 2019 from the artist Sandra Rocha, we will get to know the living beings that exist in the bottom of the ocean and also learn some curiosities.
Afternoon | Christmas Characters – we intend to give life to the characters of a Christmas story and turn them into real-life animation dolls.


Dec 20th (Friday)

Morning |Christmas Tree Origami – through the japonese secular and traditional art of folding paper, we will create and decorate one of Christmas symbols –  The Tree.

Afternoon | Preparation and presentation of the Christmas story of the ARQUIPÉLAGO.

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