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até 27 jun 2021


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Visit-Workshop | From a story

Target audience | 6-12 years

Synopsis | In this workshop we have a challenge prepared for you. We will listen to a story told by the artist Tomaz Borba Vieira, within the scope of the exhibition “nós”, nas traves do sótão and, at the same time, we will draw all the details of this story. At the end of this workshop, we will share the resulting drawings among us.


Visit-workshop | Loose lines

Target audience | 6-12 years

Synopsis | How many times have we looked at clouds and identified characters and objects? With an attentive eye and mind we managed to give another life to the shapes that surround us. In this workshop visit, we will explore our creativity to explore new realities through drawing.





Workshop visit | From word to drawing

Target audience | 3rd cycle and secondary students

Synopsis | Do you think it is possible to create a drawing with words? Based on the exhibition “The Writer – Ana Hatherly in the FLAD Collection”, in this workshop we will explore this technique and discover how we transmit graphic concepts, through their design.



Workshop visit | Writing a route

Target audience |3rd cycle and secondary students

Synopsis | The challenge we propose in this workshop is a careful look at what surrounds us: how can we register a route with words without using the line? And how can these words win the place of drawing?




Continuity workshop | The various dimensions of the design

1st session – June 5

2nd session – June 12

3rd session – June 19

4th session – June 26

3pm until 4.30 pm

Target audience | Adults

Synopsis | Drawing and writing are common elements to the works of Tomaz Borba Vieira and Ana Hatherly. In this continuity workshop we will develop several exercises around the practice of drawing. More than “learning to draw”, the goal is to explore various drawing techniques and, based on error, create possibilities.

Note | The activity is free, but mandatory registration via email [email protected] or by phone 296 470 130 is requested.

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