Quatro Quatro

Exposição de continuidade

11 jul 2021 - 27 fev 2022

Quatro Quatro

Quatro Quatro (Four Four) is a project of continuity which aims to map the artistic community resident in the Azores, with an emphasis on São Miguel.

We opened the spaces of the cells as spaces of creation, experimentation, residence and exhibition and selected the first four artists taking into account multiple practices and different generations. After this first selection it will be the artists who make the subsequent choices, each of them inviting the next artist and so on, in groups of four, until we reach 20 artists.

The construction of this exhibition thus takes on not only artistic but also relational proportions, in a mapping which is also made up of affections.

Project coordinator – Diogo Aguiar


The artists

Gregory Le Lay (1977)

Gregory Le Lay works primarily with image, photography, drawing and sound and has recently been developing sound environments and performances. Within the image he explores various printing techniques such as screen printing and engraving, simultaneously developing published work. Gregory deliberately lets his multifaceted way of working flow in processes of uncertain coherence, where his language leads us through the animal kingdom, flora, geology and nature as a complex organism, as a sensitive and misunderstood way of looking at the world.

Susana Aleixo Lopes (1987)

Susana Aleixo Lopes develops and centres her work in the area of sculpture and installation, implementing experience, experimentation and intuition in her creative process. She is constantly searching for new stimuli, whether interior or exterior, that she integrates into her personal and professional development. In general, the artist embraces a poetic language, looking closely at the emotional states which lead to the use of ‘social masks’, seeking to understand with this emotional whirlpool people’s social and preceptive behaviour.


Paula Mota (1965)

Paula Mota is a key reference in the context of the generation of young creators who lent a new dynamic to visual arts in the Azores archipelago. Additionally, the artist has an impressive originality and critical spirit that has been present throughout her artistic career, with a focus on the female figure, using technical means such as collage to manipulate the mechanisms of seduction used in commercial images, simultaneously identifying them as providers of memory.


Xavier Ramos (2000)

Xavier Ramos is a young artist who studied at Antero de Quental secondary school and intends to pursue a degree in fine arts in Lisbon, developing work in the area of painting and drawing. He has been working with the contemporary through surrealist ‘pop’ compositions in which he combines current and historical icons with news/events of the media society of the 21st century. His satirical compositions expose harmful aspects of political, religious and social practices of the current state of things and encourage the breaking of taboos which feed the homophobia and xenophobia now prevalent in contemporary society.


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