Matter in natural form

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Mar 15th 2020 // 10 am Inscrever-me

Tour – Workshop

Matter in natural form

Mar 15th  2020

10 am

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Target-audience | Young and adults

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On the last Sunday of the month of March, we challenge you to come to us to do a tour-workshop within the exhibition How to Build an Island – Úterus Azorica. For this exhibition it was used many endogenous matters from the Azores: cryptomeria, longose leaf, pozzolan and basalt. It is shown the potential of those materials and how they are transformed, it can result into very interesting objects. In this workshop, what we intend to show is the ability of each of those materials, through a tour to his natural habitat. It is, in fact, an invitation to do a track where we can observe some of those materials in its natural state, draw them and figure out the potentials in a way that we can reflect over new products that can be born out of those raw materials.


Moinho do Félix Track – waterfalls

Meeting point: by the church of Lomba de São Pedro.

Approximate duration: 2 hours.


The participants will receive notes from the biologist Tiago Menezes.

We recommend the use of comfortable clothes, that you take a light meal, a notebook and drawing material of your choosing.

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