A Communal Line

integrado na programação da Temporada #2 da vaga - Códigos Comuns.

4 dez. 2022

A Communal Line

4 dec 2022



A Communal Line is a film by artist Andrew Herzog, realized in collaboration with the residents of São Miguel island. The film, which takes place over the course of a day, shows the aggregation of a walking line starting with one, building to twelve, and ultimately dissipating–traversing the landscape in all its forms. A voice over narration spoken in Portuguese and English is an amalgamation of the artist’s ruminations, references to writings, and intimate conversations with Azorian residents.

A Communal Line was developed in the context of an artistic residency at vaga, between March and April 2022. The film is now presented, in preview, at Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Center, integrated into the programming of Season #2 of vaga – Common Codes.


Andrew Herzog is an American interdisciplinary artist. He works medium agnostically on mostly ephemeral projects that utilize a circular approach to working with the environment, people, and found objects. In an effort to establish an accessible language for his work, he uses recognizable materials, methodologies, and mechanisms, creating opportunities to exercise our visual and critical perspectives. His work offers spaces to interface with Art, each other, and our world amid the Anthropocene.

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