Azorian Spectrum Range
Akane Moriyama

No âmbito do programa 2017 do Walk&Talk

20 julho a 15 setembro

Akane Moriyama


AZOREAN SPECTRUM RANGE aims to extend the interpretation of territory by decentralizing the artistic action. Reimagining the central courtyard of the Arquipélago, and reinterpreting its role from courtyard into that of a private urban space, the figurative void serves both as an entrance point of the museum and also as an intersection between the different functions of the Arquipélago itself: a museum, a black box, and a workshops for artists. AZOREAN SPECTRUM RANGE utilizes textiles to manipulate the context of the space with subtle elements such as shadows, colour, and textures. The work infuses the central courtyard with an intimate flair that invites the public to sit and observe, possibly reflecting on the dimensions of this particular public space. The long structure gradually transforms from one colour to another, changing in appearance as visitors move across the space, creating a new sense or perception of the square’s scale.

Materials: Nylon, Stainless steel wire, Steel

Dimensions: variable


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