Burning Pricks

António Branco & Riccardo T

18 Jul 2019 | 9.30 pm

António Branco & Riccardo T

18 Jul 2019



Performative Circuit – WALK&TALK 

In an iconoclastic performance, two individuals interact from image to image in a flow of pain, truth, and hypocrisy. While enacting violent and sexual actsthey read statements of political and philosophical nature shaping the surrealperformance into a radical lecture on virility, femininity, contemporary sexuality, porn consumption, cybersex,polyamory and gender norms. Both performers are naked and holding candles moulded
from their own erect penises. They burn slowly and melt over their bodies. The performance functions through a conceptual script, it’s never rehearsed and it’s allowed to change constantly, with different spaces and contexts, and to respond to the site in which is set.For Walk&Talk the artists have created an installation that will function both on its own and as set for performance.
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