Memory Exercises


4 set – 8 nov 2020


“Memory Exercises” | Luís Brum

4 set – 08 nov 2020

1st Floor – Shop


“Memory is a collective cultural act that we unconsciously carry out as a project of life. Without any question being raised, our social interactions lead to the creation of a socio-cultural heritage that elevates this memory to a common plan of relationship between the beings that inhabit it and their surroundings. Ideas of identity and culture are formed which, when placed at the center, also marginalize those who do not care. Ideas of culture and heritage are therefore volatile and subjective to a common interest. They are generated in a living and constantly changing organism – ourselves.

Among these memory processes there is a pseudo-constant: the book. Designed to keep memory itself as part of it. The book as an art object and as a container of art objects. In this razor’s edge, it is an apparently impartial object, a donor of apparent knowledge. But what is a book without content. How does this container express itself empty, truly impartial to history. To stop looking at an object as a constant and it becomes another cultural expression subject to the gaze of time.”

Luís Brum



Luís Pinheiro Brum was born in 1985 in Biscoitos and graduated in Landscape Architecture in Lisbon. He worked in Barcelona in the OPR architecture studio until 2010, returning to Portugal, where he continues his research work and urban intervention that put him in contact with eco-sociology themes. He works in the area of urban art at first between architecture and art, with projects such as “Chão de Gente” (2011). In that same year, he presents works in the field of graphic arts, illustrating a set of stories in an exhibition at the Cultural and Congress Center of Angra do Heroísmo. In the year 2013, he participates in the Walk&Talk festival, a festival that he has been part of as a team member since 2016. In this exhibition, he presents his first works in the field of sculpture.


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