Joaquim Oliveira

Artistic Residencies

October 2018 - November 2019

LANDMARK, by Joaquim Oliveira

The Artistic Residence of the Architect Joaquim Oliveira, under the theme “Heritage as a source of inspiration”, took place at ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Art Center from September 17 to 29 and resulted in the LANDMARK intervention, with a special focus on energy efficiency and in renewable energies, inserted in the initiatives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, in the Archipelago of the Azores, promoted by the Regional Directorate for Culture.




Following the invitation of the Regional Secretariat for Education and Culture – Regional Directorate for Culture, we present a proposal for the conception and realization of a piece of sculptural architecture, which was thought conceptually and formally to answer the following points:

1 – Use of endogenous materials – Cryptomeria wood;

2 – Use of the piece as a kind of “Landmark” or “meeting point”;

3 – Use of the idea of ​​travel – Reference;

4 – Use of diffusion of the idea of geothermal exploitation of low enthalpy in constructions, giving, intrinsically, response to what was requested in this invitation, a good practice, particularly in the use of renewable energy.

Thus, we propose a piece that can be read as a “landmark”, a reference point in a place, in a square, and that has information on the use of geothermal resources of low enthalpy, and others considered of reutilization of energies in order to be integrated into immaterial actions of divulgation of these concepts in architectural and engineering projects.

The information support is based on the following idea: how the Japanese portrayed the arrival of the Portuguese Navigators through the celebrated Panels of Nambam. From the vertical piece unfolded elements are articulated together, forming a continuous panel containing the information to be transmitted.

The use of a common element involves the use of a cartographic map that portrays the 9 islands of the Azores Archipelago, on which the above concepts are reproduced, and with this, the idea of Cartography of a place is expressed, namely a place which is marked by a territory situated in the Atlantic, where the archipelagic condition is the constant of the community that inhabits it.

The piece will be built in two modules with the dimensions of 20x60x3.20 of criptomeria wood. In the upper module only a few vertical tears, to allow some wind resistance breaking, and in the lower module of the front elevation the folding and articulated panels containing the information.

The use of different types of wood makes the piece richer, and it is proposed the use of two types of cryptomeria for the upper and lower module.

The territory as an idea of Cartography of a place, that allows to register the places where it will be possible to make use of the natural resources, and in this case the geothermal of low enthalpy.

It is on this support that the idea will be explained from already realized projects of the possibility of utilization and incorporation of low enthalpy Geothermal in public or private buildings, also emphasizing the possibility of this energy source to be used, in a network shared mode, in a social perspective of supply from public entities to deprived populations.

Joaquim Morais Oliveira

May – June 2018

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