Summer guided tours

até 30 de setembro 10h30

From the same hands is a cycle of Summer guided tours that aims to give new life to the Arquipélago’s Contemporary Art Collection and to the cultural assets of different institutions in the island of São Miguel. Starting with a selection of pieces from the ARQUIPÉLAGO collection, and establishing links with other works from the same artists in four guided visits focused on four works located in different contexts — a garden, a church, a conference room, and a governmental chamber — the tours will share a gaze that combines different approaches to the pieces hosted by these institutions and their sister works in the collection of the Art Center.

Made by artists represented in the collection, the four pieces outside the Arquipélago will establish a dialogue with four pieces of the collection. In each month, there will be a visit to the institution hosting the selected piece, and the ARQUIPÉLAGO will exhibit the second work, with a note establishing the relationship between them.

From sculpture to painting, in non-museological contexts — some public, other private or semiprivate — there will be an in-situ approach to the works of four different artists: Rui Chafes, Daniel Oliveira, Urbano, and Maria José Cavaco. If on the one hand, we will pay special attention to pieces that have contributed to the betterment of the relationship between art and citizens, transforming public space, requalifying and adding value to our heritage or fighting social indifference; on the other hand, we will also have contact with pieces that renew the perspective of decision makers and collaborators, improving working spaces that are often impersonal and aesthetically sterile, and appear as windows of contemplation and as opportunities for us to rest our gazes, transporting the observer to a dimension that frees their thoughts and activates the mental circuits of creativity.

SEPTEMBER 2 | 10:30 am


City Hall of Vila Franca do Campo

As minhas casas voadoras #23, 2001

10:30 am

Free Entrance



ARQUIPÉLAGO | Until September 30 –  A Hazy Medium of Mist 4, 2013


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