Museum Night


May 18, 2020 // 8:30 pm


Museum Night

May 18, 2020

8:30 pm

LIVE CONCERT // instagram: @arquipelago_centrodeartes


Cristóvam, King John, Romeu Bairos and Sara Cruz


The Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Center marks the 18th of May, the Museum Night, within the International Museum Day, with concerts of Cristóvam, King John, Romeu Bairos and Sara Cruz. The concerts will be broadcast on our Instagram – @arquipelago_centrodeartes – starting at 8:30 pm, in which each artist will perform for 30 minutes approximately.

A singularity of the International Museum Day has to do with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – all concepts that have been seriously discussed nowadays, and which encounter our mission and goals set by the Arquipélago as a space for creating and sharing, promoting artists and art itself, and also as an audience maker.

One of the main goals set by the Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Center for this year’s celebration, aside from the support to Azorean artists, it is to encourage the celebration of special dates, making a small preview of the Center’s reopening, soon-to-be-announced.


Biographical notes:


Cristóvam is a singer and composer born in Terceira island, in the Azores. He started on the guitar at 11, and a short time later, he began to write his first songs.

In 2012, he launched the “The Closing Doors” album, with the involvement of the band October Flight, with whom he stepped on many national and international stages.

Moving himself in the indie-folk music universe, with influences that go from Mark Knopfler or Bob Dylan to Ryan Adams or Gregory Alan Isakov, Cristóvam started to record his debut album in solo in 2015 in Lisbon. Still in the beginning of this process, he accidently crosses with Pedro Varela in the Namouche studios. The director that was gathering footage for the series Os Filhos do Rock listens then accidently to his music and from that first contact is born a friendship and work relationship that payed off to the present day.

He edits in 2018 the album ‘Hopes and Dreams’, in which he asserted himself as a true songwriter. His lyrics, deep and sincere, denote a unusual maturity, illustrating the musical compositions in a solid way.

The presentation single from ‘Hopes and Dreams’ was ‘Faith and Wine’, followed by ‘Red Lights’ and ‘Walk in The Rain’. This last one integrated the soundtrack of the movie ‘A Canção de Lisboa’, invited by Pedro Varela, having also been nominated to the International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA) in the category of Pop Performance of the year.

Collaborating with the director, the emphasis is on the compositions for advertising films of big national and international brands.

In the last couple of years, Cristóvam made shows in Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Belgium, and accompanied artists on the road such as Stu Larsen, Tim Hart (Boy & Bear) and Scott Matthews.

A very special note on the fact that, Cristóvam, in 2018, became the first national artist to reach first place on the prestigious International Songwriting Contest. The song “Faith & Wine” was chosen among 16.000 others in contest as winner of the category of independent artists (Unsigned Only) with a jury board composed by artists like Tom Waits, Grant Lee Phillips, Keane, among many others.
Cristóvam is currently twice nominated in the International Portuguese Music Awards with the the song “Burning Memories”, that already raised this year an honouring mention International Songwriting Competition, this time with “Lifeline”.

Recently, Cristóvam wrote, composed and recorded the song “Andrà Tutto Bene”, that became known alongside a powerful movie from the director Pedro Varela. The song and the movie became viral, worldwide, adding airplay in over 300 international radios and millions of plays on Youtube / Facebook and Instagram.

Considered by many to be a song of praise of our times, “Andrà Tutto Benne” is a hit in editorial playlists on Spotify and Apple Music in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Hungry, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel and Slovakia.

For all of this, Cristóvam presents himself in the Portuguese musical panorama as one of the best kept secrets that is urgent to discover.



King John is the alter – minus the ego – of António Alves, a self-named ‘island-naive’ born and raised in the Island of São Miguel, Azores.

After going through his teen years and young 20s in different searches, in 2015, music became his final escape for the mind and body.

Strongly influenced by a DIY (do it yourself) method, KJ, multi-instrumentalist and producer, has slowly but safely navigated through rough seas of the musical scene, with a move to Lisbon in the middle.

After five years, 2020 marks the launching of the first long track. “All the Good Men That Did Ever Exist” was edited in March 13 and brings 9 originals with it.



Born in Furnas, São Miguel, Romeu Bairos started to learn music early in his life in the Conservatory of Ponta Delgada, where he began to play in the street and later on bars.

He moved to Lisbon in 2014, where he played downtown in the streets and bars circuits.
In 2019, he launched his first EP “Cavalo Dado”.



Sara Cruz is an Azorean singer and composer that was born and raised in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. At the age of 8, she grabbed the guitar and made it its companion, but even before that she already had begin to play the drums like a natural born into music.

She played live for the first time when she was only 13 years old, and a short time later, she decided to take music more seriously. She began her music career without any kind of record or producer support, working hard so she could share her music as an independent artist. In 2015, Sara Cruz launched her first songs and in 2018 recorded the EP “Above Our Heads”. The year of 2020 brings out her single “Heavy Heart”, a song about strength and sorrow.

Sara Cruz performed in some of the most prestigious stages in Azores, from theatres to summer festivals, having also passed through Lisbon, Oporto, Leiria, among others, and even London. She opened concerts to Simone Oliveira, Xutos & Pontapés, Diogo Piçarra and Amor Electro. In the year of 2019, she was FNAC’s New Talent and she was also considered to be ‘Portugal’s best young talent’, as winner of the New Talent NiT contest.

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