Dec 6th 2019 // 9.30 pm


Dec 6th 2019

9.30 pm


Ticket | 5euros



Staging, text and interpretation | Tiago Barbosa

Light and sound | Gonçalo Alegria

Costumes | Carlota Lagido

Time | 75m

Age rating | above 12


This show had as its starting point personification experiences of Santa Claus within the context of animations in malls between 2011 and 2013. It arose there the idea of writing a lie that turned upside down what we take as the truth of what happens on Christmas. One big lie to be told from a scenic space to an audience. Using theater to reveal an impressive truth. And make the impossible happen. Santa Claus. The appearance of Santa Claus before an adult and most certainly unbelieving audience. But embarrassed to believe for being in front of a stage.

Let’s be fair, nothing that does not happen annually in many houses of the night of December 24th, when someone dresses up as Santa Claus and appears on the sly dropping gifts by the tree. The children believe. And the adults don’t. Or they pretend they don’t. And almost believe. The domestic stage also excites and convinces. The theater stage it is hoped to be even more. Because it magnifies everything. Santa Claus enters here through the eyes and ears of who is sitting in the audience. And also through the skin – there are careless lucky spectators that even get kisses. Many. Yes. Yes. And no. It’s not the people that are replaced by a fake bearded stranger and a familiar face, to pretend that they have nothing to do with the presents, running from the gratitude and the kisses of who gets them. It is the opposite. It is certainly Santa Claus that, by spending the entire year away in the North Pole manufacturing gifts, gives the opportunity to each one of claiming for themselves the paternity of gift. Of course. And it is not. Santa Claus is not. He never is. But he exists. In this theater, yes. At least it is what its entire actor body in stage wants to prove. Until the end of the show he is in debt with whom has paid the ticket and sees him. But it is really him, Santa Claus the actor. The true. To whom we owe all the presents and got lost from the North Pole and of himself. He comes now explain and offer himself as gift. The publicity images are stills from a video shot by Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro.

Tiago Barbosa


Tiago Barbosa

Born in 1970, in Lisbon. He has a degree in Theater – major Actors/Directors by the ESTC. He worked as an actor and a performer, in theatre and dance shows, directed by Miguel Castro Caldas, Gustavo Ciríaco, Nuno Gil, Jorge Andrade and Miguel Pereira, Ainhoa Vidal, Paula Sá Nogueira, Maria Gil, Dinarte Branco and Tiago Nogueira, Martim Pedroso, Mónica Calle, Bernard Sobel, Miguel Loureiro, Lúcia Sigalho, Francisco Alves, João Lourenço, Rita Natálio, Joclécio Azevedo, Vítor Hugo Pontes, Inês Jacques, António Pires, Catalina Buzoianu, Jorge Silva Melo, Adelino Tavares, Paulo Lages, Renata Portas, Marcos Barbosa and Edward Fão, among others. In television, he participated from time to time in series and soap operas. He worked in cinema with directors such as Sandro Aguilar, Francisco Manso, Manuel Pradal, among others. He participated in the art and neuroscience project “Raizes da Curiosidade”. He directed the show “A Grande Sombra Loira”, from sonnets of Florbela Espanca.

Gonçalo Alegria

He attends the Master in Musical Arts at FCSH. Studied music with Walter Lopes, José Eduardo, Mário Delgado, Carlos Zíngaro. He did an internship in Sound Editing at Tobis. He made workshops in cinema and attended the illustration course of AR.CO. He was a teacher of Sound and Light in the Professional School of Arts and Crafts of the Show of Chapitô. He attended the course of Interdisciplinary and Technological Arts of Performance, Gulbenkian Creativity Program in 2008. Member of the collective Silvestre Alegria. He develops an interdisciplinary artistic research where he uses, among other materials, sound, radio, performance, and writing through which he has been administrating conferences and workshops. He works in theater since 1999 as a composer, musical interpreter, soundman, responsible for lighting and light design and also an actor. He collaborated, among others, with Alexandre Pieroni Calado, Miguel Castro Caldas, Ainhoa Vidal, Marina Nabais, Companhia Caótica, João Ferro martins, Daniela Silvestre, Máquina Agradável, Teatro do Vestido, Sílvia Pinto Coelho, João Pedro Vaz, Sub Urbe, Teatro Praga, Ninho de Víboras, Teatro Meridional.

Carlota Lagido

Ballerina, choreographer, costume designer. She makes costume design and scenography for dance and theater shows, since 1989. She collaborated with Vera Mantero, Lucia Sigalho, Francisco Camacho, Paula Castro, Filipa Francisco, Meg Stuart, Clara Andermatt, Amélia Bentes, Paulo Ribeiro, João Fiadeiro, João Galante, Nuno M. Cardoso, Aldara Bizarro, Teresa Sobral, Companhia Inestética, Tiago Cadete, Raquel André, Rui Catalão, Tiago Cadete and Jonas&Lander. She was a wardrobe assistant in several advertising films between 2004 and 2006. She did the first year of the Master’s degree in Theater, obtaining a post-graduation in the specialization in Stage Design at the Superior School of Theater and Cinema of Lisbon — 2011/2013. She is a member of the Portuguese Association of Scenography.

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