Que lugares queremos criar?

Projeto com alunos e alunas da Escola Secundária da Ribeira Grande

18 mai. - 31 ago 2023

What places do we want to create?

A project with year 10 students from the class D at Ribeira Grande Secondary School

Opening | 18 mai – 3pm

This project arose from an invitation to question, think and propose what Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre could be and what it can bring through the programming it proposes. Over 8 months, a class from the Ribeira Grande Secondary School held several sessions with the Mediation Service of Arquipélago, which included visits to exhibitions and conversation sessions with staff and artists. The aim of this first moment was to understand how the centre works, its programmatic intentions, and the themes being worked on by the artists presenting their projects here. From here the question arose: “For me, what subjects are ‘missing’? What do I think needs to be spoken about?”

In the second part of the project, accompanied by the artist André Laranjinha, students explored how an idea can be materialised through an artistic project, using serigraph printed drawing and illustration.

What places do we want to create? takes the form of a publication that enables the creation of a mural. This publication was produced by the students under the guidance of the artist André Laranjinha and printed at Oficinas de São Miguel. As a “portable” work, this publication allows each student’s ideas to be expanded beyond the walls of Arquipélago, thus doing justice to the initial premise of the project: How, through artistic tools, can we reflect on how we see the world and what we want to say about it? This is a space truly created and expanded by young people.

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