Resonating Islands

Sara Vieira Marques e Santiago Rodriguez Tricot

20 mai. 2023


Listening session

20 mai. 2023


Free admission.

For people over 12 years old


RESONATING ISLANDS EXP#1 is the first collective experiment of Resonating Islands_A Sonorous Archipelago, an artistic investigation by Sara Vieira Marques and Santiago Rodriguez Tricot about the material and ecological experience of the human body when confronted with its natural and phenomenological environment. This listening session departs from the physical study of geological and atmospheric phenomena and from the imagination of common futures to materialize non-anthropocentric performative places. Diluting boundaries between performing and visual arts, topographies, geographies, and meteorologies emerge where the human body is neither the place nor the central narrative: mountains, which are islands, which are volcanoes, which are the center of the earth, which are the beginning.


RESONATING ISLANDS EXP#1 is the result of several artist residencies that, in the Azores, took place at espaço vaga (09-25 feb) and Arquipelago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas (08-19 may).


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