TIPO an exhibition

TIPO – A Meeting of Letterpress Printers

11 Oct - 10 Nov 2019


TIPO an exhibition

within TIPO A Typographic Printers Encounter

Oct 11th – Nov 10th 2019

The ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Arts Centre will host TIPO an exhibition, integrated in TIPO – a Typographic Printers Encounter, an initiative of the Vice-Presidence of the Government, through the Regional Centre of Craft Support (CRAA), with the partnership of Cresaçor – Regional Cooperative of Solidarity Economy, through its team Criações Periféricas.

This exhibition, that divides itself into two nuclei – CRAA and ARQUIPÉLAGO – brings the Contemporary Arts Centre contemporary works that go back “… until the 70s from the last century and to the pioneer work of Robin Fior – English designer eradicated in our country in that decade – until it gets to nowadays and to our most recent projects. I will also be highlighted the OTSP – Typographic Workshop of São Paulo – one of the references in contemporary typography of movable type, founded in 2000 in that Brazilian city – and Claudio Rocha, graphic artist and typographer, one of its founders. The exhibition includes, still, a set of works of some of the most distinguished international typographic printers of today, in response to an invite addressed by the TIPO organization.”

“In recent years, there has been an increased interest in movable type printing by people who did not actually witness it being used as the most common technique of commercial printing. Impracticable for large-scale production today, the technique has been revived and is being adopted by a growing number of authors and publishers. Restoring and using old machines and typefaces so often destined to become scrap metal or working with the few old print shops that still exist, it is considerable the amount of very stimulating work we have seen over the last few years.

With the goal of bringing together for the first time in Portugal practitioners and people interested in letterpress and of promoting the different approaches that are currently being implemented, we have decided to organize the TIPO um Encontro de Impressores Tipográficos [TIPO – A Meeting of Letterpress Printers] in Ponta Delgada. An initiative of the Vice-Presidency of the Government through the Regional Handicrafts Center (CRAA) in partnership with Cresaçor – Regional Cooperative of Solidarity Economy through its Criações Periféricas team, this Meetingwill take place in an archipelago where the Gutenbergian technique arrived in 1829 and is still alive both in the form of old print shops that still use it and in the current approaches that have reinvented it from a contemporary perspective. Moreover, this event aims to raise awareness and contribute to the promotion and preservation of equipment, materials and the knowledge of master typographers.”

More information and program: www.tipoumencontro.pt

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