10 fev | 17h30


Multimedial performance of Crippled Symmetry by Morton Feldman

A project by Alessandra Giura Longo and Sofi Hémon

10 feb 2019



Tickets: 5€

Multimedial performance of Crippled Symmetry by Morton Feldman a project by Alessandra Giura Longo and Sofi Hémon
The word “Tróttu” in the sardinian language means “crooked, awry, crippled”.
Tróttu is a video and music project by the artist Sofi Hémon and the musician Alessandra Giura Longo. They work on combining the traditional and contemporary world. Following the threads of contemporary art and music and weaving tradition, joining the common passion for Morton Feldman’s music with the Sardinian textile tradition, the two artists create a unique musical and visual performance
based on the Feldman’s work Crippled Symmetry. Crippled Symmetry (1983) is a piece by the american composer Morton Feldman, scored for flutes, glockenspiel/vibraphone and piano/celesta, inspired by the patterns of the carpets made by Anatolian nomadic tribes. Feldman himself wrote that he was fascinated by their crippled symmetry, contending that they are ‘never mechanical, as I expected, but idiomatically drawn’.
He knew intuitively that the concept of a-symmetric symmetry would be the best frame for his musical materials, as they are not subject to the limits of a system. He adopted this concept to embark on his personal quest for the “metaphysical place that is in all of us.”
After a trip in Sardinia, helped by some anthropologists and historians of traditional Sardinian weaving, Sofi Hémon and Alessandra Giura Longo formulated the hypothesis of a similarity between the patterns of the Anatolian and Sardinian carpets.
The artist Sofi Hémon made an art video based on the images of these patterns, conceiving the editing as a sort of musical score, combining threads and musical lines, like in a weaving work. The movement of the images take up the sound movement imagined by Feldman, working on deviated, truncated symmetry. In this context, color and light create a contemplative space shared by sound and
The video will be projected during the performance on a modular structure, and musicians will play inside it. It is possible to shape the structure for all kinds of performing spaces.

The production of the video and the performance were financed with crowdfounding on the platform kisskissbankbank. Thanks to: Aurelio Alaimo, Angela Albanese, Elisabetta Andreani, Mario Armellini, Bernard Astié, Xavier Auffray, André Avril, Stefano Bassanese, Il Cantiere dell’InCanto, Claudio Berillo, Christiane Boischot et Martine Ormaecha, Emmanuelle Bouyer, Muriel Caron, Christine Choffey, Patrick Chouissa, Laura Congia, Eliana Corazza, Silvana Cossu, Coralie Couvret, Carlo De Ceglie, Isabelle Delatouche, Monique Doucet, Catherine Ejarque, Filomena Forleo, Cathy Foures, Angelica Giura Longo, Mariella Giura Longo, Piero Giura Longo, Eva Gollova Hémon, Fabia Hacine-Gherbi, Tom Johnson, Frieda Jürgens, Anthony Klinger, Giovanna La Maestra, Jun Li, Sandra Li, Vincent Li, Dario Lo Cicero, Valerio Macchiarella, Sergio Mazzei, Mauro Medda, Paola Meloni, Angela Miele, Santi Minasi, Caterina Mureddu, Maria Teresa Oliveira Rodrigues, Nino Paternoster, Martin Pavelka, Catherine Peillon, Clotilde Perreve, Teresa Poester, Massimo Privitera, Cenzina Pupolizio, Laura Quattrini, Catherine Radosa, Maria Luisa Scandiffio, Candy Smith, Clelia Sedda, Ricardo Manuel da Silva, Marta Taller, Silvia Tarozzi, António Teves, Aldo Urgo, Marco Veloce, Maria Paola Viano, Deborah Walker

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